#NoSelfies 30 Day Challenge

Today marks my 30 days of no selfie “posts” 😂😜 I did however on a few occasions not many! Take a selfie or 2 🙈🙊:) for my hubby and my mother… I had too! 🙊😂

So why did I decide to do this? Well, I came across this challenge while browsing the internet 🎶 about a month ago 🎶 😂😂 and I thought this is an excellent way to begin looking at the beauty around me instead of focusing on myself all the time 🙊

Selfies have taken over cyber world, our culture and our lives. We see selfies everywhere 😂 so it’s not surprising that as a society we have become more self-centred💁 with a simple filter we can transform ourselves, these selfies may make us feel good at the moment but the REALITY is that our true self isn’t shining through… 🙍

And let it be known! I am selfie queen👑 my husbands phone is living proof 😂 but this month really opened my eyes to other wonders, other beauties, other moments that are equally worth capturing as that SELFIE🙏

Let’s be honest here as well, agree or disagree, but this is fact! How often do we actually feel happy with a particular selfie? 💭 because that first one turns into at least 20!!! For me…. No don’t like my nose, no don’t like my hair, no my face looks fat- reality check it is fat😂 – just kidding but you get my point?

This Challenge really made me feel better about myself because I no longer need the approval from social media to make me feel beautiful 🙅:) you know those “likes” we keep checking??? For what??? Validation? Maybe? Maybe not? Only you will know…

This challenge forced me to notice little things around me, I had more time to explore🏃, read📖, play around 👯and learn new things 🙇 as opposed to showcasing what I look like constantly 😂 just incase anyone needed reminding😜😄 #CantDeal

Oh and… I seriously want the “I have no selfie control” TSHIRT! This challenge is challenging😂😂😂

Anyway…. I would definitely try it again soon 💁🙅

Food for thought: Let’s start using these sites to build each other up rather than breaking each other down.

This is a reminder to myself because I constantly find myself picking at my sister because of her brows🙈😂🙊only nice things from now on, I promise 💋

Like every single photo, always leave a compliment, a good word and make everyone smile:) #BeReal

Channel your energy elsewhere
Happy Snapping 📷

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