What It’s Like Being Married To A Pilot – Dhillondeeds

Being married to a travelling man who is gone half your life isn’t easy 😂 but I’m still a newbie and rumour has it you become a professional pilots wife after a few years😜😂

Let’s be honest! Finding things to occupy your time around the house gets a little tough sometimes🙈 because there’s only so much sweeping one can do 😂

But that’s when you praise The Lord for YouTube and the variety of social media 👏😜 I sign up to forums! You know, like support groups😂 and I’m like there “Hi my name is Fazeelah and I’m a pilots wife” 🙈😂 I can’t deal but a lot of you also keep me very entertained while I await the arrival of my one and only 🙂

Here’s a little look into my life….👀

As a pilots wife you are always faced with misconceptions😄 on the real like come on now, my husband flies the plane he doesn’t own the airline 🙈 we pay for our tickets, and I do not live in a mansion and I’m certainly not a gold digger 💷 and you better believe it, I am not and never was or have any desire to be, as exciting as it might sound, a flight attendant😂 I am pursuing a career outside the aviation industry 🎓 and to set the record straight I don’t spend every moment worrying about his conduct or where to hire a private investigator👀😄 my mans got his act together😄

Being married to a pilot comes with no perks 😂 you have no stable sleeping pattern, his schedule always changes, hubby is gone for hours on end and when he is home he changes my routine, moves all my stuff and leaves again 😂

Ok ok, I might have been a little to quick with the “no perks” statement 😂 because Bae looks good in uniform😍And he has a lot of days off so we get to spend QT together and I also have a lot time to myself to catch up on all my stuff which isn’t so bad😂🙊

But to continue pitfalls 😂 because the list is longer😂 I miss him when he is away 😭 most of his friends are pilots😒 and boy do I love hearing about IFR, VFR, ILS approaches for hours on end… Yeah really I do 😒😄 because that’s all they talk about! Aviation ✈️ 😂 and I guess it’s never guaranteed that you’ll be able to spend special occasions together:'(

The list can go on and on but I will always support my husband through low pay and crappy schedules😂 because I love him so much:)💋

Lessons I am slowly learning is to bite my tongue, don’t hold grudges, take time for myself, make the home a home, go with the flow and bad days are okay…

But what I can’t deal with is that he won’t always call, be pleasant on the phone or respond to text messages 😂😜

And just a little advice do not marry an airline pilot UNLESS you have an incredible about of patience 😂 I wish someone would have told me that😂😜

That’s just a little insight to my very entertaining life, I absolutely love every minute of it❤️ and I wouldn’t change a thing.

My life is awesome! I learn something new and valuable everyday and I am married to my best friend who happens to be a pilot 🙂

So, to end this beautiful piece of blog! Remember that you can only steer your path. Others can or may influence what you do or how you do it, but only you can make the final approach and assure a smooth landing 💋

Take flight

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