Rookie Mistakes

Hello and welcome to my blog😜

I’m sure everyone has travelled at some point or other and travelling can be an amazing experience if you are well prepared😂 and sometimes I find myself a little too prepared💁

I just want to rant about all the mistakes I’ve made as a rookie traveller 🙈

Over packing – this has been my biggest mistake! I officially own 30kg of stuff 😜 still, nothing that I really use🙊 mostly just “I might need this” sort of things 😂 but I am slowly weaning off the excessive baggage👜

Packing too many shoes🙈 omw🙊all I’ve really needed is a comfy pair that matches everything 💁and trainers for my workouts💪😂

Forgetting your charger isn’t a good idea- just don’t do it- pack it first😂 it is just an unnecessary cost!

Taking a taxi and assuming the driver speaks English😭 they will rob you, by driving around in circles just to accumulate more miles😂 this costs money! The rascals! My advice, learn basic words and phrases in the local language👍 but then again google translate is also a good app 💭

Toiletries! Where do I start??? You don’t need everything in your bathroom cabinet 😄 an all purpose body wash/moisturiser, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush (optional) 😂 I don’t like brushing my hair🙈 a very good antiperspirant and that’s about it really 🙂

FYI: there’s apparently an all purpose body, hair, face and teeth wash!!! I need to get ahold of that! 💭

Oh and sunscreen, chap stick and mascara… There’s going to be pictures💁 of cause 😜

A really good camera -that has enough charge and memory- and a note book is essential. Do not underestimate a moment captured or recorded. Take photos of everything and write about it all. These are your memories 💋

Know the weather, more or less, you do not want to be unprepared. Buying new clothes might sound like a brilliant idea but spending unnecessarily cuts into your budget! A big no no! 👎

Do not try to do too many things at once. Get plenty of rest. Make sure to plan sight seeing activities around sleep😂 if you are anything like me, you will be moody and annoy everyone else if you are tired! You won’t enjoy your trip😂

I can’t think of anything else 💭 these have been by biggest set backs 😜 oh and if you lock your luggage! Do not misplace the keys😂

That’s a little look into my untold travel secrets 🙂 not secrets anymore!

Remember we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents :)🌸

And have fun where ever your journey takes you 🌴🌼

Peace, love, travel


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