Morning Person? I think not…

Hey everyone!

I am ashamed to admit that I am not a morning person. I’ve had my fair share of grumpiness and my better half knows all too well not to wake me up when I’m asleep. Tread lightly or you’ll have a groggy person wacking you over the head with the alarm clock! Don’t get me wrong, mornings are wonderful, it just comes at such an inconvenient time of day!

And so, with no morning coffee, we attempted to dodge the ridiculous amount traffic in buzzling Dubai, with rude drivers flashing you to move (where? I dont really know) with a navigator that changes her mind (she irritates me) at the last minute, missing turn offs and adding extra time upon arrival all so that we could make our way down to the local home office to have my visa extended, or so we thought.

All we needed to do was visit the nearest emirates counter, pay the fee and in less than 5 minutes it was all processed! So what we thought would end up being a tideous and soul devouring day turned out to be productive, worthwhile and stress free. That is after all how life should be.

I am happy to announce that I will be staying another month in the UAE! I am so thrilled that I am able to cling onto another delightful month with my amazing husband.

Tickled Pink…


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