About…. Lastnight

Hello everyone,

About lastnight…

So, lastnight marked the start of a 2 week break for the husband which means a whole lot of light hearted pleasure.

Without any planning we decided to take a drive through Sharjah looking for a place to dine. We stumbled across a place called Al Qasba.  It’s quite a shame that we’ve lived in Sharjah for so long and only found this place now. Like many other places, a wrong turn took us to paradise on Earth.  It’s distinctive features include the Eye of the Emirates, which is a 60m high ferris wheel, an array of restaurants and cafes with cuisine from all over the world, a mini theme park for kids and little jewellery boutiques all along a canal. It’s a perfect place for a romantic evening, a night out with friends but also perfect for a family outing.

It’s a well known fact that we absolutely love eating, if ever you loose us in a crowd find the nearest food stand and we’ll be there. So, for obvious reasons we decided to eat before we enjoyed the activities this little place had to offer. Not being as adventurous as we usually are we settled for a familiar taste, Nandos.  We devoured our meals leaving no place for dessert, so, the next best thing was to stroll along the canal and enjoy the scenery with its perfectly designed architecture and rich culture.

After all that walking, we saw that they had these white, motorized sofa boats made of hard plastic (or was it fiberglass), which has the capacity of four passengers (exactly what I felt like after that meal). It has a joystick-like part which is used for maneuvering. With a lot of convincing, I finally agreed to try these things out. So, we enjoyed a slow (really slow) ride on the canal. Breathtaking to say the least but it was all calm and relaxing until I took control. Let’s just say trying to avoid and not disturb other boats wasn’t easy. Amraj immediately took over and brought us back safely. All in all, it was a lovely experience and we will definately do it again.

Having not planned a single thing this evening, we found ourselves queuing up at a 9D action cinema simulator (whaaattt?). The short movie we chose was a tummy turning roller coaster ride and it’s absolutely amazing how genuine it felt with its dramatic effects that included fog, wind and water. You literally feel what you see. I really enjoyed the whole 6 minutes!

So what’s next? Keeping to the spontaneity theme of the evening, we made our way down to our local cinema (something we never do) and ended the night with a new release,  Taken 3.

And then, with absolutely no traffic (complete shocker) we set off to our little abode after an eventful evening. No amount of words can describe how absolutely perfect this unplanned evening was. I can’t wait to explore more of the UAE with my hubby.

Blog You Later!!!


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