Hello again,

So, the hubby and I decided to hit the roads of the UAE and ended up in a town called Ras Al Khaimah. It is a Persian Gulf Arab emirate and its name literally means “Top of the Tent”. We haven’t done much sight seeing as we arrived at an awkward time but hopefully tomorrow holds a lot more fun and adventure. So, I don’t have much too show besides my outfit I wore today.

I got slightly excited about this maxi kimono I designed a few months back. And like a lot of other clothing pieces in my personal collection, I never know what to pair it with. Somehow this outfit just came together without any thought at all and I think it’s pretty amazing. I have however put on way too much weight yet again and my jeans barely fit but thank goodness for this kimono. I love the flow and the coverage, it sucks though that it’s not a neutral colour. I would love to own a few more. My turban is wrapped a little different today as well, I’ve been experimenting in front of the mirror with some new twists! With the help of a lot of YouTube tutorials I managed to pull this style off.  I call this the “Lazy Chic” look if that’s a thing. Could be a thing,  right? This is definately not a go to outfit because I’m a more track pants and tshirt kind of girl but it makes a good change once in a while.

Outfit Deeds

Scarf: Mr Price
Sunglasses: Forever21
Jewellery: Banyas
Tshirt: Cotton On
Skinny: Legit
Shoes: Cotton On

I just thought I’d try something new with this post because I haven’t posted in a while. Just trying my luck at different styles of writing. I’m thinking of doing reviews as well.

I hope you LIKED it.



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