Types of UAE drivers

Hi Everyone,

Bad drivers are everywhere but I have never witnessed drivers like I have during my stay in the UAE. The purpose of this post is to inform drivers and to invite a more safe and secure road for all.

Here is a short list of common types of bad drivers we deal with daily and what makes them stand out in the crowd.  And I could have came up with more colourful names but I chose to be nice. Hope you enjoy.

The Socialiser
These are the drivers who use their phones while driving. And while social media is very enticing it is not worth it to risk the lives of others! If you do this,  you are simply ignorant and selfish! Shame on YOU!

The Sudden Braker
In the middle of the highway! These drivers suddenly brake when they see a speed camera! Either drive under the speed limit or be prepared to be fined!

The Bullies
These are the drivers who tailgate and flash their lights at you in the fast lane, while driving over the speed limit. There are cars in front of us and parallel to us!!! How are we supposed to give way? But they WILL continue to flash until you actually give them way. As a passenger it makes me so nervous because they drive so close to your car! Such drivers need to be taken off the road!

The Racer
The dude or dudette with a serious need for speed. This goes without saying. These are our schaumachers! They drive at 140km/h even though the speed limit is 120km/h just because they know that the camera will only flash after 140km/h. Why????? And to make makers worst! They jump and move across multiple lanes at this high speed. It scares me. Scarred for life! I think this is the reason for most accidents.

The Slow Coach
Drivers who are very chilled about life. These are the drivers who insist on driving at a snails pace in the fast lane. We all agree that driving fast risks innocent lives but I think even slow driving in the left-most lanes is as dangerous. MOVE! There’s a lane for you darling!

The Bipolars
These happy folk don’t know in which lane they want to be. Are you in my lane or the lane next to me? They go for miles driving on the white line. They could always be described as the “pilot” drivers! Maintain centre line…??? There are specialised schools and airports for people like YOU!  Decide already please…

The Troubled Parkers
These drivers double park. For what??? Why??? With the lack of parking spaces you would think drivers would be a lot more considerate. These people need to go back to parking school! If you park in your lane you will make someone very happy, be a sport, just do it.

The Honkers
These are the people who start hooting as soon as the light changes. It will not make traffic move any faster to blow the horn! Your hooter works, try your wipers honey.

Every day after returning home after a day out, my husband and I are relieved. It’s like an achievement that we made it home without being involved in an accident. Whatever type of driver you might be, don’t be the one who texts while driving. Because if you’re texting, you’re not driving!

These are just some of the many types of driver out on the roads. Which type are you? What type have you experienced? Comment in the section below.

Happy Driving

4 thoughts on “Types of UAE drivers

  1. John Bocskay says:

    Great post! I live in Korea, but you can find these types here as well. One of the scarier developments of recent years is that drivers have television sets mounted on the console/dashboard. Sitting in the back seat, it’s hard to tell if they are looking at the road or the tv (the way they drive often suggests the answer is “TV”)

    I blog about expat issues and life overseas as well over at bosmosis.wordpress.com and am always looking to connect with thoughtful bloggers who share that interest. Please drop by if you have a chance. Cheers, and good luck with everything!


    • dhillondeeds says:

      Thank you.

      It’s the first I’ve heard of this. It’s insane.

      Will be sure to follow your blog as I enjoy reading stories of expats and their experiences.

      You keep well and stay safe on the roads.


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