Me, My Selfie and I


I am on a journey of loving and being true to myself. I often find it difficult to remember my own happiness because I am way too busy trying to please others. All journeys take time and I love myself a good road trip.

Frankly, all my life I have been taught to think about others and consider their feelings, basically putting everyone else first and that can be draining because in the process of helping others we often neglect ourselves and that’s unhealthy. But now I believe in something different. Knowing, understanding and fulfilling my own needs is more important and needs more attention. And this might sound selfish but it is not, this might sound like I’m saying screw everybody else but I’m not. Self care is actually a way of caring for others because what you give yourself, you can give to others. Right? Absolutely. If you do not know how to love and care for yourself, how can you be that and more for other people. There needs to be a balance.

The most important thing to understand from all of this is that by putting yourself first you place yourself in a position to create happiness from the inside. You need to do you before you do anyone else because you deserve to be loved as equally as you love others. Everyone in your life isn’t here to stay, so it’s pointless to invest in anyone but yourself.  It just makes sense. Once you have that overall mental and emotional stability and overall understanding of happiness, then only can you be of any help to others because if you are always giving and not giving back to yourself, there will always be something missing.

I’ve learnt:

  • To put myself first and not feel guilty
  • I am important too
  • Maintain a healthy balance in life
  • Stay Motivated no matter what

So, go ahead and serve yourself before you serve others.

Blog you later


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