My Favourite Beauty Life Hacks!


Life can be quite intimidating at times, so when tiny little things come along to take some pressure off, I grab it with both hands. And everyone has different needs and wants, we all handle daily activities differently and we all try to find ways to make life easier for ourselves. Today I’m here to share with you my favourite beauty life hacks. And yes, it’s something that is way over done on the internet but in this post I will share the hacks that I’ve tried and that actually help me out a lot to look and feel my best at a fraction of the cost!

1. Coconut oil as makeup remover

I am always running out of makeup remover wipes and find myself struggling to remove eye makeup with my regular face wash almost all the time. Since I found that I can use coconut oil, removing heavy eye makeup has been a breeze! I use about a teaspoon much and then just go ahead and massage it slowly over my eyes and the rest of my face. With a warm face cloth I wipe it all away. It doesn’t usually need another go but I go in for seconds just to make sure it’s all off. Once you’ve done this you can go about your usual night time routine. This method really leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and moisturised. I haven’t bought makeup wipes in months. I will be posting an extended version of all the ways I use coconut oil and all the benefits soon.

2. Using a safety pin as a zip stopper

You know those zips that always seem to slide open, yeah? And its often got me thinking that I’m too fat, perhaps? But, since I figured this hack out its made going out much easier for me. Simply zip up as usual and then place the safety pin underneath the top of the zip and this will stop the zip from opening.  This is more of a general life hack but it falls up there with my most favourites.

3. Use sellotape strips for perfect smokey eyes

I would like to believe that I am pretty good at applying makeup but trying to perfect the smokey eye technique has been one of my weaknesses. So, for obvious reasons, stumbling across this simple hack has made a big difference and has been a confidence boost! Simply place a piece of sellotape at the corner of the eye and continue with eye shadow and all that good stuff, peel the tape off when you have completed your look and Kabam! You have perfect smokey eyes!

4. Lip scrub with sugar and Vaseline

Lip scrubs can be very pricey yet they are so inexpensive to make. Whenever I have an almost empty Vaseline container I like to put a few teaspoons of sugar in it, mix it up well and use it as a lip scrub. You could also add a drop of peppermint oil for a lip plump. It works really well, leave my lips feeling soft and lasts along time. No more buying expensive lip scrubs and you can go ahead and experiment with different flavours like chocolate or vanilla.

5. Baby powder for voluminous eye lashes

I love long and thick eyelashes. Applying falsies can be messy and tedious and the best way for me to get that look is to apply baby powder to my eyelashes before I apply my mascara. You can reapply until you reach your desired look. I love that full lock of lashes I’m left with afterwards. Yay! for ways to make your lashes look fuller.

That’s all from me. I would love to read about your hacks on life! Let me know.

Yours in beauty and all things pretty,



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