Unwritten Laws of Social Media 


For me social media is a beautiful way to share your life, document memories, explore different worlds and learn new things. It might not be written anywhere but there are things that are “not” allowed and if you find yourself doing them you might be in a whole lot of trouble! 😂 and I am constantly in trouble because of the things I do on social media🙈 because I am always saying the wrong thing or posting something that someone doesn’t agree with or simply just being on it way too much. Yes!  That bothers a few people. When did this all matter? What happened to “Self expression”? If it’s mine I should be able to do what I like right?

Maybe, maybe not…

Here are some of the “unwritten” rules: 

Approach with laughter…

  • Do not post about your religious beliefs or political opinions 👮🏻 Uhm… Okay
  • Do not post a picture and not tag every single person in that picture👎🏻 not guilty!
  • Do not like or comment on a picture that was just posted, wait a while 🙈
  • If you don’t like something, don’t express your opinion because the comment section is only for positive feedback nobody is trying to better themselves 😂 NOTED!
  • Don’t post pictures of you drinking alcohol, partying or practically naked! 🔫
  • Food is meant for the food network channel, just saying…🍰
  • Even though it says “what’s on your mind” you are not allowed to say what’s on your mind…🙊
  • Do not air your dirty laundry 👀
  • Do not over post! No one likes their feeds to be filled with one user 😂 time it wisely
  • You have to post a post birthday thank you message to your “friends” 🎁
  • If you post a selfie you are self obsessed but if you post more than three selfies a day you have a psychological problem and you need therapy ASAP 😜
  • When sharing a post always add your own comment to it 😊
  • Don’t post things that might offend your “friends” it will just end in you having to remove it🔫
  • Do not like your own post 💭  guilty…
  • Do not ask for likes, comments or shares 🙉 oops…
  • Know the art of hashtags! One is fine okay maybe two 🙌🏻
  • Don’t jump to conclusion, don’t assume…👓
  • Bad grammar is a no-no in any language 🙉  what your teacher told you is true…
  • Don’t be too DRAMATIC 😱  just calm down…
  • Don’t be a show off! No one likes a show off in “real life” too… 💃🏻

REAL TALK: Don’t follow people who bother you that much. You would be doing yourself a great favour and they will appreciate you for that too. 🙌🏻

Most of these have been expressed to me at some point in my social media experience. I just can’t seem to get it right. I can’t get everything right ALL the time, can I? There is always room for improvement though. So, until I figure this social media thing out, I hope you had yourself a good belly laugh because I sure did 😜💋

If you can relate please let me know. I love receiving likes, comments and shares!

Blog You Later💕,



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