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I’ve been blogging for a while now, about eight months to be exact. At first it was just about writing anything and posting it, not a lot of thought or planning went into any of my posts. And that was my biggest mistake. I did not give my blog the creative time that it requires to produce good work. So, it’s not surprising that I haven’t even reached a very high following rate. But don’t get me wrong, it is not about the amount of followers for me, it is more about how I feel about my little space on the internet. Recently I started feeling really down and I even thought about ending DhillonDeeds all together and that really got to me because I use to really enjoy it. It wasn’t bringing me the same joy and happiness I felt at the beginning.

The only way I can get that feeling back is to start making my blog my first priority. I have a lot of free time because I don’t have a full time job so there is really no excuse. I still make so many mistakes but I am learning. There’s so much I don’t know. I’ve started playing around with new designs and having little blog brainstorming sessions with other bloggers to help bring DhillonDeeds to life again. I have a vision and I am ready to start working really hard, investing time and money to make that happen.
We make mistakes. We are all rookies at some point in our lives but it is important not to give up. And while there aren’t any correct ways of blogging or “get famous” quickly schemes, here are a few things I would tell my former blogging self and recommend for new bloggers.


  1. Be yourself

Your blog is a reflection of who you are. Stay true to that. You won’t be doing your blog any favours by trying to copy someone else. While taking inspiration from other bloggers is always advised make sure you still maintain your uniqueness because that is what’s going to take you places.

  1. Design and Layout

Play around with different themes and colour schemes. Find the one that suits you the most. Make sure that it is easy to navigate, scroll through and read.

  1. Content

This is everything because this IS your blog. Don’t rush to publish any pieces. Take your time to produce good content. Your readers will appreciate it much more.

  1. Pictures

I didn’t realise the importance of including pictures until recently. People love seeing pictures. This gives your post a more vibrant feel and makes it a lot more interesting to read.

  1. Consistency

This is my biggest blogging fail. I am not consistent. It is so vital for the influx of traffic to you blog to post regularly. Readers want to see something new every day. I am not saying you should post every day but choose days and stick to it!

  1. Plan

Time management is the key to the success of any venture. And it is no different for blogging. You have to plan your posts in advance to give yourself enough time to produce good quality content and to ensure that you deliver on time.

  1. Network

I can’t stress this enough. Reach out to other bloggers as much as you can. Read, like and comment on posts by other bloggers. Take full advantage of social media platforms to get your name out there. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself to other bloggers and suggest collaborations as well. All bloggers were rookies too,  remember that.


Blogging is not the easiest thing in the world. Invest as much time in it as you can. You have to put a lot of hard work in. You can’t sit around waiting for something to happen and I have definitely learnt my lesson.  From now on I am going to follow my own advice and give it my all. I am going to step out of my comfort zone and explore more. I can’t sit around and wait for success to come to me I have to go out and find it.

I am not going to hype up anything new that I have planned for DhillonDeeds, I am going to let my silence be my success from now on.

I hope it was helpful.

Thank you for reading


12 thoughts on “What I’ve Learnt Since Blogging + 7 Tips For New Bloggers – Dhillondeeds 

  1. tashreeqah says:

    Wow now that sound like the Fazeelah I know. The world I’d your oyster ..we all have days when we feel like giving up and and falling down but that’s okay because the starting over part is exciting. Reading your blog today reminded me of a quote I read ..
    “When I began to explore my heart’s desires, to find myself through travel, and to see what felt right and wrong to my heart and soul, my life blossomed. I had finally begun creating a life that I loved on my own terms”.
    Keep it real. Love your blogs I’m your biggest fan.

    Liked by 1 person

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