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I have been in love with the concept of a vision board since the first time I discovered it – back in 2009 and since then all my dreams I envisioned for myself have manifested into reality. It’s been six years since my last vision board and I feel it is time for new goals.

I personally think that goal setting and visualisation is very important in manifesting the things I want in my life. I am truly a testament that this concept really works and that is why I want to create one again. A vision board really creates a cool visual representation of what I want in my life and seeing it every day helps me remind myself to focus on these things and think about the incredible things and life I will have one day. The more you see it – even if it is subconsciously – you will attract it and move towards it.

Creating your vision board:

  1. Find whatever inspires you or whatever you want


     2. Cut out those images of all the things you envision


     3. Stick it on a board


     4. Put it somewhere you can see it every day and focus on it

FullSizeRender (10)


Our brain has incredible power to manifest things into our lives. Creating a vision board is so much fun and you can even include your family and friends and make it a project you all work on together. If that’s not your thing and you prefer an easy, less messy and able to carry your wish list around with you then you can download the App iWish from the Apple Store for free. It acts as a gentle little reminder and a great way to record and track your goals, dreams and ambitions.

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