Maybelline Master Sculpt – Contour and Highlight Palette

This is a contouring and highlight palette – obviously. I picked this up a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. When I saw this on the shelf at Maybelline I thought I just have to try it. Before this I didn’t have a contouring palette – I just used a really dark compact powder to chisel away at my chubby face.  I got mine in a medium/dark shade. The packaging is shiny and black. It includes a little mirror and a brush. I do not know too much about brushes but I have used the brush and I think it is fine for application but not so much for blending because it isn’t dense or fluffy enough.The contour powder is incredibly soft, has great pigmentation and is easy to apply and blend into the skin.The highlight shade is amazing – very shimmery and quite noticeable too.

Maybelline Master Kajal – Khol Liner

This is a cream stick eye liner. This kajal has a packaging which exposes the whole product which mean I have to be very careful not to break it. The shades available in this kohl are blue, gold and pitch black. I got this one in pitch black. The colour pay off is great in my opinion and it glides on so easily with little effort from my part. I haven’t tried it on my waterline so I can’t give my opinion on that. I got this liner for my upper lash liner because I am completely useless at lining with liquid or gel. This liner makes me feel like a pro especially when I am going for a more smokey eye look.

Essence Eyebrow Gel – Colour and Shape


Never take a girl with bad brows seriously. I am joking – of cause. But I won’t deny that good brows finishes off any look. When your brows look on “fleek” it just gives you this whole “put together” feel and I appreciate that. Essence is my go to brand – always. I am obsessed with most of their products. This is a tinted eyebrow gel.  I have tried their eyebrow stylist kit as well as their eyebrow gel and I love it – that’s why I got myself the gel as well.  I did however have to use a lot of product to fill in the gaps in my brows – so I am not sure how long this little pot will last BUT it is affordable and does the job perfectly. It does what I need it to do – set and stay intact.


Hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into what’s new in my makeup bag.

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading,


10 thoughts on “Newbies.

    • dhillondeeds says:

      I have also heard 50/50 reviews on the contouring kit. I am not a makeup blogger so honestly to me it is if it looks nice it is good LOL I am a makeup gurus worst nightmare LOL

      Thank you for stopping by I appreciate the time you took to read my post. Please do come by again.

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