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Motivation Monday:
Seeking inspiration through blogging


When I started blogging in June 2015, I really did not know what to expect. As a born writer at heart, I knew I wanted an outlet for my writing that was non-academic but more public than my journal and poetry writing I do for fun. When I entered the blogging world, I quickly immersed myself in that wonderful culture, filled with inspiration, support, knowledge, and learning. I knew that through my own writing, I wanted to inform and inspire, but I did not realize how great of an impact other bloggers would have on my life, writing, and aspirations.

Growing a Supportive Network

Through daily networking with other bloggers, I slowly found a group of people I truly connected with. By consistently visiting, commenting, and interacting on blogs I love, I found the authors reciprocating and visiting my blog in return. Because I’m also a working mom, I do not have enough time I would like to devote to networking, but I take on as much as I can without spreading myself too thin and still being able to genuinely engage with bloggers I admire.

Through this supportive network, I feel inspired to push myself to create better content, share better pictures, and learn how I can grow. My writing is no longer just my own; it belongs to anyone kind enough to take the time to read what I put out there. Because of that, I’m held accountable to all of you lovely little readers out there to be reflective about my writing, listening to what you want to know more about, and delivering relatable, useful information.

Motivation Through Envy

Like many of you, I love looking at beautiful pictures on Pinterest, follow impossibly perfect women on Instagram, and drool over the seemingly flawless lives of other seasoned bloggers. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and sobbing while I wonder why I don’t have that dressing room with the leopard rug, mirrored walls, and swoon-worthy tufted fainting sofa, I become inspired. I look at all these pretty people and all their pretty things that may be unattainable and consider how I can take parts of what I envy and incorporate them into my own life.

Sure that dressing room is nowhere in my near future, but I can clean up my makeup desk, declutter the surface, and style it glamorously. I can upgrade my mirror to a fabulous find at TJ Max to spruce up my makeup area and take the time to keep it clean. I can go to Hobby Lobby and create a small faux floral arrangement with peonies and spray paint that empty candle holder gold to adorn my nightstand. Instead of viewing envy as negative, use it to your advantage.

Overall because of blogging, my life has improved. I feel accountable to myself and my readers to uphold the image and messages I put out there. I constantly strive to find ways to emulate those I envy, even in my small ways. I’m always looking for new methods to improve my life, through cleaning, decorating, and fashion so I can share it with all of you. I feel inspired through the delightful writing of my fellow bloggers and want to create content to match their level. The motivation is out there; you just have to seize the opportunity.


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