Monday Motivation // Fatima Ali // Guest Blogger

the best person to conquer your hurdles is you (1)
I believe, a daily dose of motivation for every individual is extremely important. Although the nature of an individual differs from one person to another, we always need something that can motivate us just to keep us going.
In my life, I have met both strong and weak people. Those who appear strong are strong in the eyes of the person who judges them with a mere eye. However, no matter how strong we are, we always need a shoulder. A shoulder to cry on, an ear that can carefully listen and advice and a tight hug that assures that everything is okay.
Weak people often tend to break down even when any minor thing occurs in their life. Oh well. Sadness takes over their entire world. Why? They lost a favourite pen or they are not able to do something they want to.
We cannot always get what we want. Life does not go our way. Not always as how we have planned or how we are planning it. Things go the way God wants to be and that’s always best for us. The earlier one understands this, the earlier one will start feeling happy, motivated and learn to move on with life.
I was a spoilt child and very impatient by nature. It took me quite some time to learn how to keep myself calm and motivated. Perhaps, I should have taken some anger management classes earlier, though I never took. Having control over your anger is the most important thing in life that works as a major mood booster and keeps one motivated. Its just the first 5 seconds that needs to be controlled. There is no point in hurting your throat or going away breaking glass.
One of the tips I would recommend are to start counting numbers till you are sure you can tackle the situation peacefully. Works wonders for me. Try it for yourself. I am cent percent sure about it.
Coming back to motivation and what keeps me motivated. There are so many things happen everyday. 
Controlling anger – Remain calm in the first few seconds once you realize that you are beginning to embrace anger. I do this and this is really important because these few seconds can make or break your anger chain. These seconds are so important that you may either tend to do something wrong or act calm and tackle the situation gracefully.
Thinking positive – A tea cup can always be perceived as half empty or half full. Totally depends on you. You are the rider. Think about all the options that might be possible. If you are in a situation that forces you to think about the negative side, pause. Just pause before making a decision.
the best person to conquer your hurdles is you (1)
I would love to read in comments if you have ever done something in anger that you realized later that it was actually pointless or anything that keeps you motivated to stay calm and positive. 
Thank you for reading,
Fatima Ali

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