Monday Motivation // Guest Blogger // Helena Djokic

I would compare inspiration to the fresh air. You can be in a stuffy room for a long time, you won’t die straight away, right? But you won’t be living your life to the fullest, you will be dying slowly. So, you can live without inspiration, but not for too long. Like the fresh air, inspiration is all around us. We just have to open our windows.


The main source of my inspiration is beauty itself. I see beauty in nature, people, in their work and acts, and, of course, in art. I am mesmerized by the sun that warms our bodies and our streets, that enlightens us and fills us up with energy, and gives everything a layer of some persistent and always returning happiness. When I walk down the sunny street I just cannot be unhappy. I am always attracted to the landscapes, no matter the kind. I realized that nature can never be ugly. It can be strange, or severe, but never ugly. Man is the one that creates ugliness, but never nature. I see in it continuity and an everlasting source of comforting beauty. No mater what happens, you know that you will see the glowing moon in the night sky, and that the flowers will blossom in the spring. I know they will always be there and that I will always find them beautiful.


People are a great source of inspiration. My family, my boyfriend, my friends, persons I know and meet, their looks, moves, words, smiles, tears, deeds… It is all there, I see it all and I absorb it, and carry it with me. I love people because of the goodness in them, humanity, their endeavors to outfight the bad, and because of their ability to create. Art is what I try to surround myself with. I am obsessed with trying to keep aesthetic feel in everything I do. My parents are painters and it’s probably what I’ve inherited from them. Art is my great love. It contains the essence of life held in the bottles of aesthetics. Some great people gave themselves, sacrificed a lot of them to leave those bottles of beauty and truths for us. Literature, music, visual arts, fashion design – I just want to be close to them, study them, enjoy them, and to create myself, as well. There is so much amazing  inspiration around us. I love to learn a lot, as it is a way of discovering it, a way of refining ourselves, filling ourselves with some empowering energy that is ready to be recycled, changed and poured out from us in some new mode that may become a new source of inspiration.


Life is difficult, the world is far away from being a beautiful place. I cannot become insensitive to ugliness, unkindness, selfishness and evilness that is all around me, but I must not forget that those are the hardest to be seen when they are in ourselves. I am inspired to be an inspiration, to work hard on myself so I can remain a stimulus for myself, and then maybe for others. My recipe is to keep collecting the precious sparkles of beauty and keep creating my inner collage of inspiration that will always make me want to do more, to try harder, to be better and happier, but that will also allow me to just enjoy the moment, the process, the life itself.

You may live in an ugly room, but you can always have the fresh air in it – H.Djokic

Thank you for reading,

Helena Djokic


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