Review: Tribes // UAE 

Mall of the Emirates – Looking around for a place to have a sit down meal, we noticed Tribes – tucked away in a corner. It is a traditional African themed restaurant. I could tell from the menu that we were going to experience some real flavours from the mother land. Welcomed by ladies dressed in traditional African clothes, we were lead to our table and seated. I was very impressed by the decor, seating and the menus. The smells from the kitchen were really good and I couldn’t wait to eat.

This was our complimentary bread. Like many other restaurants in the UAE it was served first. I can’t remember what it was called but it was soft, warm and the butter melted just the way I like.

  This was my drink. It is called “21 years old” – made of fresh peaches, mango’s, bananas and vanilla ice cream. It was really tasty. Amraj just chose an orange juice. 

Amraj and I ordered the soup of the day to share as our starter.  It was potato and leaks with fried onions. The soup was rich and tasty – so comforting. Almost like Mums.  

 The entertainment was great too. This was taken during a birthday song performance. Among many other classic African beats, they played the infamous “waka waka” by Shakira – using traditional drums, the vuvuzela and a few other instruments. 

 For my main, I went with the Moroccan Chicken and let me tell you – it was juicy and tender with so much flavour. It was really good – best mash ever. It reminded me of my mother and stepfather’s cooking. Amraj wasn’t too keen on his main course.

 For dessert Amraj and I shared their traditional “Afrikaans” milk tart. It didn’t meet my expectations – it wasn’t quite like my late grandmothers. It was okay.


Overall I had a great time – a true African feel. The service was quick and efficient. The staff were fun and friendly. The menu prices were reasonable. The seating arrangement was really comfortable and I enjoyed my food.

It was my best dine out experience in the UAE by far and I can’t wait to go back to try out the rest of the menu! – the malva pudding needs testing!

I am not much of a food blogger but I would like to add this to Dhillondeeds, let me know if you enjoyed this little review.


Keep smiling,


6 thoughts on “Review: Tribes // UAE 

  1. Zaiyaan says:

    Nice review. simple and to the point. Just what look for in a review. None of that “chef talk” where you dont actually know if the food is good or not after they are done.

    PS Thanks for the mention 😉


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