What I Eat In A Day 

I am having a lot of fun cooking and creating these healthy meals for us. Here is a glimpse of what we eat and drink for breakfast, lunch and supper.

 Breakfast is the key to starting your day in a balanced way.  We had bran cereal with mixed fruits and almond milk. 

For lunch we had chicken ciabatta sandwich with too much salad.

 And a very creative supper. Roasted aubergines, couscous, marinated grilled chicken and a big bowl of green salad.

 And then I sip on this citrus infused water throughout the day. Amraj prefers his water plain. 

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favourite foods or cut out all carbs and sugars completing. You can follow a healthy eating plan by making better food choices. So, instead of our favourite fry up in the mornings we switched to cereal and fruit. And while we are still trying to control our portions, we are doing our best to eat as clean as possible. 

Keep smiling,


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