The Day I Was Drenched In Breast Milk -Dhillondeeds

Hey, what’s up hello!

Nabiha and I went to a local mum and expectant mums meet up at a coffee shop. I really enjoy these weekly meet ups because I receive so much valuable advice from all the mothers and I get to meet the cutest babies too. This was my second time attending since giving birth to baby Nabiha. My anxiety level was relatively low this week. Baby girl handled the drive pretty well with no crying and stayed asleep for most of the morning which was great because I got to enjoy my coffee HOT! All was going well until I looked down at my lap and realised my shirt of drenched in breastmilk! My first reaction was “OMG” but once the other mums saw they were all so comforting and offered to look after Nabiha while I cleaned myself up but I didn’t get to far before baby girl woke up. Now my anxiety level was 1000! I rushed back to her and took her to the BabyShop and went straight to the “mother room” where I fed her. And as if mummy wasn’t covered in enough breastmilk already baby girl coughed up more milk in river loads all over me. At this point I didn’t even care and just continued to clean her up and waited until she wanted to feed again. Eventually she made her funny feeding cue face (the most adorable face ever) and I went ahead and fed her. I also decided to FaceTime my Aunty from South Africa and my husband and told them all about my morning, they had a good laugh. Another mother came in to feed her little one too and we started chatting. I’ve truly met some really awesome woman in Doha -supportive, comforting and uplifting. All a new mum needs to know she’s doing a great job. Anyway, we ended up spending over an hour in the “mothers room” but in the end my shirt was completely dried up, baby was happy and fell asleep and I was able to end the day. But before I left, I picked up a few feeding dresses and a new scarf from the maternity section at the BabyShop. It all ended with even more smiles at checkout because I only ended up paying 6QR! And didn’t have to “please explain” when I got home to hubby!

All in all, today was a laugh, a cry and a learning lesson. And every single day will be.

Baby Nabiha all dressed up – first outfit for the day. With love from Dadima. 

Drenched in breast milk – my cleopatra milk bath. 

The look of satisfaction – just ate and pooped. Thank you mummy.

Thumbs up. Baby fed, cleaned and sleeping. Happy baby, happy mummy. 

Selfie in the “mothers room” at the BabyShop. It is so pretty.

Treated myself to some dresses and a new scarf. Guess what, thanks to my Shukaran card, I only paid 6QR! 

A few hours later. My shirt has dried up and we made it home. Until next week, we out! 


All in all, today was a laugh, a cry and a learning lesson.

And every single day will be…


Thank you so much for reading and let me know in comment section below what some of your most embarrassing breastfeeding moments were.


Keep well and keep smiling,



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