The Time We Went To The Souq – Dhillondeeds 

I fancy myself a little bit of a introvert – contrary to popular belief – but it’s true. My closest friends approached me, the girl standing alone on the play ground! So,  when we first became expats I made no effort to socialise or even make friends. I never even met our neighbour who constantly held house parties and kept me awake many nights! I mean… come on right! I just stayed tucked away in our cosy little bachelor pad patiently waiting for Raj to have a day off so we could go out and do something fun together. This time around I wasn’t having that. A new-country-new-me kind of vibe. So, I’ve been making a lot more effort to get out and meet new people and its been… Great! Little Nabiha got dragged along as usual and joined me at the souq for lunch with a few lovely ladies. Souq Waqif is an open-air public market in Doha for both tourists and residents to enjoy and I’ve only been to the souq twice before and I couldn’t really enjoy it because it was way too hot but now that winter is approaching  I am looking forward to the cooler weather so that we can do more outdoor activities and see more of Doha, our new home. I’ve been told that the winter days are awesome! Absolutely happy about that because I love awesome, anything awesome. We met at a restaurant called Zaatar. It’s an urban eatery which serves a variety of Arabic and Lebanese food. It was my first time dining here and the food was amazing! We started off the morning with coffee and tea and then later ordered a few dishes to share and I must apologise because I didn’t take any pictures! I mean… Come on right! The company and food kept me entertained. Little chicken nugget didn’t miss her feed too. I appreciate how welcoming people are in Doha to mums who nurse in public – no nasty glances or commentary. You shouldn’t ever be made to feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public. I look forward to more networking, lunch dates, games evenings, walks in the parks and all the other events that are planned with these lovely ladies.

A little something for everyone at the souq.

Should have left the pram in the car. All she wanted to do was be in my arms. 

Old buildings hold untold tales. 

Remarkable textile artistry. Can’t wait to get my hands on these carpets! 

What better way than to end our lunch date with a selfie. 

 If you are like me and find it hard to make friends and happen to find yourself in Doha, you should definitely join the Qatar Ladies Group and Ladies In Qatar Group on Facebook to help get the ball rolling! If you are still reading my blog, thanks! I am excited to bring you many more fun adventures with my little girl.


Keep well and keep smiling,



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