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I really enjoy talking about mobile applications that get-stuff-done! Can you relate? Well, for me becoming a new mum was exciting and all I wanted was to get it right but truth has it that it is stressful, very stressful. There’s so much to do and remember and mummy-brain is a real thing, you forget things, all the time. Having information literally in the palm of my hand helps me feel a little less overwhelmed so I’ve put together a little list of my favourite mummy and baby apps that I use daily to help my fellow mums out. You’re welcome.


This is by far my favourite app. I use it every single day because it allows me to upload and add cute edits to daily images of our baby girl. It’s a very safe and secure way of sharing pictures of your little one with family and friends. By inviting them you give them the opportunity to enjoy daily uploads; while still having full control of each entry. They are able to like and comment on each upload. You are also able to add more than one child to the app which is great for parents with multiple children. I find myself scrolling through my little girl’s old pictures constantly and I am amazed every time to see how much she has grown since she was born. The app also has daily parenting and baby blog posts that I love to read in my spare time, they are really helpful for new and veteran mums and that’s not it; the app also has a milestone and growth chart record section making tracking your baby’s development fun and easy. The app is also absolutely FREE and it is a must have for those who do not have their families nearby like us. I absolutely love having this little trip down memory lane of my little girl right in the palm of my hand.



The Wonder Weeks

This app is for when you are “wondering” what on earth is going on with your little one! and as a new mum it’s basically all the time! I love the weekly update of my baby’s mental development. The app keeps you informed about the mental leaps, sunny and the fussy phases your baby will experience. It explains each leap in detail including the skills associated with the leap, the signs to look out for and how you can comfort and help your baby develop and transition smoothly between each leap. As a first time mummy it is really important for me to know what my baby can understand, learn, do and how I can help her when she makes a new leap in her mental development
. This app is not free but considering that I don’t buy too much stuff for her anyway I didn’t mind paying for something that gives me piece of mind and that I actually use everyday.



Baby Tracker

I stumbled upon this app when I was looking for an app to help me “track” our daily activities. This app was amazing, especially during our first few weeks when we were trying to figure out our baby’s natural rhythm. It allows you to log feeding times, the amount of nappy changes and sleeping times of your little one. There are other options too including sections for your baby’s health data, personal milestones and growth developments. It also allows you to sync data among multiple devices which is especially useful for sharing with all caregivers. This is definitely an all-in-one app. It is definitely another must have for new mums and is also absolutely FREE to download. I like to call it my baby’s daily journal.



Sound Sleeper

This is the best white noise app I’ve used to date. I’ve tried so many and Nabiha just didn’t responsed well until we found this app! The way our baby girl responded to these sounds and how quickly it works is unbelievable.  She loves the “shhhhh” sound granted that I haven’t tried any of the others yet. The sounds will help your baby to relax and gently drift off to sleep. It has sleeping sounds for new borns, toddlers and adults. Which comes in handy for the nights that I struggle to drift off to dream land. The sounds are also quite realistic, calming and do the trick! You are also able to record your own voice, how cool is that! The free version only allows you to play a sound for 30 minutes which in my opinion is a good about of time to get baby into a peaceful sleep and I really don’t mind pressing play again. You can also select “listen mode” which automatically gets activated by the sound of your child’s voice. This has definitely become part of our baby girls sleep routine and she enjoys longer sleeps by herself since we introduced white noise.




If you have used an app that you feel can help a new mom, tell me about it in the comment section below. Let’s share our experiences.


Keep well and keep smiling,



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