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I’ve been trying to create the perfect Instagram theme since I joined but I’ve failed miserably  over and over again simply because I was clueless to the art of aesthetics and shamefully don’t have the patience. Having a consistent and eye catching Instagram theme makes all difference for inviting new followers to your account so it’s not surprising that I wanted one so badly! I reached out to other bloggers and looked for inspiration from other instagramers but with no luck at all until I stumbled upon PostVu. This app changed my Instagram game forever. It allows me to plan my Instagram layout before sharing. This way I can see what pictures work and which don’t. It’s absolutely fun, so simple to use, FREE and so addictive! I am happy with the way my Instagram looks now. I think it’s soft, girly, playful and expresses my personality.


Week 1 

This is when I had just found the app and started editing, uploading and shifting my photos around to help get a feel for the app. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted just yet but it was a step in that direction.

Week 2 

I was kind of all over the place here. I had my “editing” theme just how I wanted it but I still needed to find the right images to upload. This wasn’t a good thread. Trail and error. 

Week 3 

I played around with “no face” photos and I really liked the feel. This makes a big difference and allows my followers to see something other than all my cheeky selfies. I really want to step away from posting faces. 

Week 4 

Not sure how well I did here. I guess I stuck to my editing technique still. This whole theme thing is harder than it seems. I am still learning the ropes. I think I started getting impatient because my theme just wasn’t coming together like I intended. I got sloppy.

Week 5 

I really love what my feed looks like now. My brand now has a my signature touch. I’ve enjoyed an increase in organic followers as well as engagement over the pass few weeks. The key is to play around with the app as much as you can and when you find what you like, start posting and stay consistent! It is also so cool that I am able to post directly from the app to my Instagram account. You can schedule your posts too but it doesn’t automatically upload your pictures for you. You can even plan your caption and hashtags ahead of time! 



Tips (For A Fun Time With Instagram)

1. Stick to your filter or editing style

2. Post daily

3. Take a lot of photos

4. Use PostVu to plan ahead

5. Use relevant hashtags


What do you think? Yay or Nay? Is my theme befitting of an aspiring blogger?  Let me know what some of your favourite Instagram accounts are because I love finding new feeds to drool over.

Happy designing!


Keep smiling,



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2 thoughts on “How To Create The Perfect Instagram Theme – Dhillondeeds 

  1. LaurensLipGlossary says:

    Your feed is looking amazing!!!! I have been trying to make my feed more cohesive and it’s a bit tricky at first, but totally worth it! I will have to check out PostVu, I’ve been using UnUm and I love it! It allows you to edit photos in app, which is perfect for making small adjustments 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexandra Karam says:

    Hey Fazeelah,

    Seeing this just made my whole entire day! I am so happy that it helps you and that you love it!! Unfortunately, automatic posting would cause us to be going against Instagram’s Terms of Service. If their terms ever change we will make sure to add the feature as it totally would be something so useful! I, as well as my team, are doing everything we can to make this app the best it can be for our users, so thank you so so much for your support and for writing a piece on us!

    xx Alexandra Karam
    PostVu Founder & CEO

    Liked by 1 person

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