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I always said I wanted to marry a foreigner. I wanted someone different to me. I didn’t know my prayers would be answered but it did and I am forever grateful to God for this blessing, my husband.

It’s not always easy and I will write about that too but here are my reasons why you SHOULD marry that foreigner.

1. I’ve learned a different way of life. I’ve been introduced to different value systems, language, cultures and lifestyles. And I’ve also exposed my friends and family to this too. Being married to a foreigner will show you that your way is not the only way. This opens a whole new world of learning for you. It empowers you and makes you approach situations in a different way. You start to think and act in a more diverse manner and this promotes cross-cultural thinking.

2. I’ve travelled a lot. I’ve turned into a right globe trotter and as a couple we save a lot of money in order to travel and explore more of the world together. With that being said, we still get to go to each other’s home countries at least once a year which is absolutely great.

3. I enjoy foreign food all the time. My mother in law is an amazing cook and I enjoy an array of different foreign dishes that I didn’t grow up with all the time. My husband has learnt a thing or two as well and on occasion he cooks for us and I am in heaven!

4. I’ve realised the uniqueness of my culture. When you surround yourself with the same people as you all the time you stop appreciating who you are in terms of culture and tradition because your everyday life becomes routine and normal but when you step out and meet foreigners you will quickly learn how unique you are to the rest of the world. It leaves a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

5. We have a mixed race kid. And she’s incredible beautiful. She’s unique and one of a kind. There’s no one like her around, literally. And a mixed world will be a better world in the end. She will also grow up being trilingual as my husband and I both speak another language in addition to english.

6. I’m quite the story teller. As I’ve experienced so much on my travels and I enjoy telling tales and encouraging my friends and family from back home to venture out of their comfort zone. You become such a interesting person and people will enjoy spending time with you.

7. We are not compelled to live according to our social norms. I really love this about being married to a foreigner. My husband and I are from two completely different backgrounds. And I love it because he doesn’t act like anyone where I’m from and doesn’t expect certain things my culture or community would expect from me.

8. It is not boring at all. You are exposed to new things all the time. It keeps your marriage fun and exciting without routine. Life has something new to surprise you with everyday.

9. We’ve united two worlds. Religion, tradition, cultures, nationalities, continents and hemispheres. This is the simplest way to break stereotypes and prejudices in my opinion and I encourage everyone to do this. The world needs more international marriage.

10. Two weddings! We celebrated our Union in both countries. It was absolutely incredible. My husband and his family got to experience our wedding traditions while my family and I got to experience his. You get to do everything TWICE all the time.

I married for love. Pure and simple love. My husband was God sent. It’s never been his accent or passport that attracted me to him but his mindset, his way of thinking, the way he spoke to me and the way he treated me. His commitment to a long distance relationship was a sure deal maker. I knew he was a keeper since the very first day. I am an absolute princess in our home and I owe it all to him.


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10 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A foreigner – Dhillondeeds 

  1. Salaama George says:

    One thing I will say… it’s not just about marrying a foreigner, it’s actually choosing the rite foreigner to marry. Alhumdulilah u hav done that. Amraj is a wonderful person & he too has chosen a wonderful wife. May Allah always keep u happy & 2gether, Ameen

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