Things I Said I Wouldn’t Do As A Parent But I Totes Do! – Dhillondeeds

Before having my own child it was very easy for me to say “I would never do this” and “I would never do that” – well one child later and I am laughing at my insanity. I always have this conversation and the reality is that parenting your own child will be very different to what you thought it would be like.

“She won’t sleep in our bed.”

This is the biggest one for me. When I was pregnant I was adamant that our child would not share our bed with us. I shopped around for the perfect cot and I even bought a Sleepyhead but eventually time revealed that she would be right next to me while completely kicking her dad out! Yes! We bed share, even after I said we would never ever do that! I don’t even have a side of the bed anymore it’s all hers. She started sleeping in bed with me within the first week of her life. Purely because I was tired and sore and getting in and out of bed at night was exhausting me even more. I don’t mind it anymore because I now believe that babies need to be close to their mothers

“She’ll go to nursery at 6 months.”

I was under this crazy impression that I would be able to let her go to nursery at 6 months so I could start working again. Oh no, I am actually laughing at myself now because she’s almost 11 months old and I’ve decided I’ll let her go when she’s a year old or will I? Probably not, because my partner and I have decided that she’s better off being at home with her mummy – that’s me – until she is ready for school.

“We are not doing baby led weaning.”

I still really really really wish she would just take puréed foods but she doesn’t want too. My little girl shows so much independence at this tender age. She won’t let me or her dad feed her. So we have basically by default been put into the BLW mix. Initially I just thought it was messy and wasteful and I didn’t want to teach my child that it’s fine to throw food about and then have to unteach it to her when she’s older. But I do understand the benefits of this weaning style and now I actually like it. She’s learning how to chew before she swallows, she’s feeling textures, experiences different flavours, making her own choices, developing fine motor skills and simply just enjoying meal times with us as a family. The benefits are endless but I can’t wait until she eats everything so I don’t have to eat up the mess anymore.

“She won’t watch TV until she’s 2 years old.”

Yeah you heard that right. Now, I take a minute while you laugh out loud. This is literally my life line. As a stay-at-home mum I am soley responsible for looking after our little girl. When shower time comes around an episode of teletubbies or rasta mouse comes to the rescue every single time. Besides that, I watch TV a lot – so really what was I thinking? Banning her for 2 years would mean banning me too. When I eat, breastfeed, clean, rock baby to sleep I watch TV. It keeps me entertained while having to do other things.

“I will get back in shape after 3 months.”

What was I thinking? Shamefully I have let myself go completely. I don’t know why I thought it would be easy to start eating healthy or get back to my fitness routine so soon after having a baby. Junk food is just life right now even though I really do my best to prepare meals I still somehow find myself head deep inside a crisp packet and I don’t make time for exercise anymore well let’s be honest it’s not a priory over sleep at least! But I’ve got to get it together because being fit and healthy is important not only for me but for setting a good lifestyle example for my little girl. I have made a few changes and I hope I stick to it. My goal now is to shred a few kilos before her one year birthday! How about that?

“I won’t use baby language.”

Who was I kidding? I absolutely love speaking to her using baby tones. While I speak to her using full words and sentences I tend to change my accent to sound like a little baby. She’s just so cute and cuddly, I just can’t help myself. I also imitate her sounds when I speak to her too and she loves it. She always laughs so much when I copy her.  She replies back and is in general just a chatty little girl. After all, language is made up of single sounds that are put together to make words and then sentences so there isn’t really any harm ( in my opinion) in using baby language. It’s how they start learning anyway – this is what I’ve made myself believe at least, don’t take my word for it!


Are you a parent? What are some of the things you said you wouldn’t do but you do? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.


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