5 DIY Baby Sensory Activities You Can Do At Home (6-12) – Dhillondeeds 

I am always looking for ways to keep our very busy daughter entertained while also developing her senses. We attended baby sensory classes and she had a blast! Baby sensory is designed to stimulate your childs senses which in turn will in theory enhance their development. These were however only once a week and during the winter season. So, that’s what has sparked the need to get creative to keep her occupied at home for the rest of the week when we are not at a play date or soft play and babies learn best through play so it makes me feel good!

DIY Baby Sensory Activities 

1. Water bowl

This is really simple and can be done with things that can be found around the house. Pour some water into a dish, add different kinds of lids to it, lay baby on a boppy pillow (if they can’t sit up/crawl yet), place the dish so they can reach it and let the fun begin. It can get messy real quick so you want to make sure you place towels down before hand.

2. Finger painting

This is absolutely adorable to watch. You will need to hit the shops unless you have baby safe paint lying around. All you need to do is dribble different colours of paint of a sheet of paper, place the paper into a ziplock bag, lay it infront of baby (boppy pillow method) and let your baby lead the way. Once baby is done, remove the paper from the bag and let it dry.  It’s such a fun activity, no mess and you get a piece of art work out of it.

3. Sensory bottle

I’ve made so many of these through my childhood because they were fun musical instruments to play with. It’s so simple just add pasta, rice, beans or corn to a bottle. Tighten the bottle cap and shake, shake, shake. Each item makes a different sound. You can also add colourful bits and pieces.

4. Pom poms 

You can make these is loads of different colours. All you need is wool, a pair of scissors and your hands! Wrap the wool around four of your fingers. Depending on how big or small you want your poms poms to be that’s how many times you will wrap. The more you wrap the bigger the ball. When you are done, remove it from your fingers, tie a tight knot in the middle, cut open the ends and fluff your Pom Pom out. Voila. Our daughter really enjoys this texture. She throws and kicks them about and it is so fun to watch her enjoy something I made for her.

5. Sensory Tent

These are so fun to make and very customisable. I just use whatever I have laying around and whip something up for her, usually while she has a nap. Her dad and I enjoy building these for her because just has tones of fun and it’s so interactive. I make sure each order as it’s own little “theme” for example books in one corner. What I love most is that it will be different every single time you make one.


Have you made any of these? What are some of the things you do to keep your baby busy? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.


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