I Never Thought Sleep Regression Was A Thing- Dhillondeeds 

One of the many things you don’t consider when you have a baby is sleep regression. And if you don’t have a child you probably don’t know what I am referring too but don’t worry because my cousin who has a child didn’t know too- Hey Zee! 

Allow me to enlighten you.

I felt so smug in those first few weeks when miss sweet cheeks was just the perfect little sleeper. But I was caught completely off guard when all that changed. I didn’t expect it. We had a good routine going. I’d read so many “sleep regression” articles online but we have never actually experienced any of it at least not until now. 


All her other little leaps just came and gone pretty quickly. So, I never really worried about sleep issues.

I am here to tell you that sleep regression is real!

I never thought sleep regression would be this intense though. Or have I just not got the coping skills? 

I don’t know.  

Miss sweet cheeks is in her 11-13 month sleep regression phase. According to google this is normal. 


And it’s our first experience. It’s been weeks too. I haven’t really showed it but Miss sweet cheeks has not slept on her own for a really long time now. It’s either on me, in my arms or a tantrum. These tantrums are bad.


Mind crippling.

I am tired. 

I don’t get a break because even when her dad’s around she still wants her mum.


I am exhausted – in a “I really love my human” way.

Today she actually bit nipple. Was this frustration?

I freaked.

I shouted. 

I felt real bad.

It’s the worst pain I’ve felt in a really long time. What’s happened to my baby who could fall asleep on her own? And stay a sleep for that matter. 

With more research I do I am learning that this is a just a developmental stage.


Thank heavens.

That’s all. 

The more she learns, the more she wants to master it. Over and over again in her head. That is what’s happening here. And of cause, I mean this happens to me too. When I’m overly excited about some or other adventure of taking over the world I get like this as well. 

I toss, I turn.

I am excited for her.

I really am.

I am excited that she’s excited about it. 

But I don’t like that it makes her cranky in the morning. I don’t like that it makes her cranky all day. I know that things will get back on track but I do miss my little sleeper, if that’s what you could call it even though she’s actually never slept through the night. I don’t know what that’s like. But more on that in another post. I have not had a good nights rest in so long. I probably won’t for a really long time either.

I love being a mum. More than anything in this world. I love being a mum.

And I think that’s why the honest look into parenting is so often left out. You just love your little human so much that you don’t really care to mention the hard parts. You just crack on with it.

I love sleeping too.

I also love it when she sleeps.

All I can do now is comfort her when she needs it, establish some sort of routine – if that’s even possible and remember that this won’t last forever.

It won’t last forever. 

It won’t last forever. 

So, I am here. Writing this post, from this position, on the couch with a baby who won’t let me put her down. It’s been 1.5 hours.

The bright side.

There’s a bright side?


I’ve had time out. I got creative for the blog – something I am very much passionate about and had a bonding session with my baby. 

It’s been a good few hours later and she’s slept once more – I got to shower in this time. She has given me so many hugs and kisses. She’s made me laugh. She’s blew raspberries on my tummy – her new favourite thing to do and she has licked my toes – which tickles so badly. 

I’ve forgotten how hard this has been already. 

Until the next sleep time comes around to remind me. 



Has your child experienced sleep regression? What are some of your tips to overcome this? Has routine worked for you? Let me know in the comment section.


Keep well,



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