9 Ways To Remain Happy

   It is not always easy to remain happy and positive in a world that thrives off hatred and negativity. I believe that happiness starts with you and it is a conscious decision that you make. Happiness is about the inside, everything inside your mind and not your surrounding. Here are some of the ways I keep … Continue reading 9 Ways To Remain Happy

Dream Building // My vision for the next 10 years

My vision for the next 10 years Wellness. To stay healthy, learn to mediate and create a joyous atmosphere at home. Finance. Become financially stable, buy my own house/car and start my own business. Travel. To visit all 7 continents. Relationships. Maintain a loving marriage, raise healthy and happy children and to volunteer. Career. Become … Continue reading Dream Building // My vision for the next 10 years

My Pet Peeves

Hey I thought I would monitor the things that really annoy me and write about it and even though they are minor annoyances they are REALLY annoying to me - to a greater degree than others may find it. It is important to understand what irritates you because if you are super low on patience, like I am, then you are able to prevent … Continue reading My Pet Peeves